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Dragon Ryu

The Asiatic Dragon also called: Imoogi is characterized by the long serpentiform body, covered with hair and scales, without wings but still able to fly – although 

it is said

that these dragons can grow wings if they live long enough. It has a muzzle from crocodile

, snake

body ,

lion’s mane and claws 

; typically it has on the muzzle of the long filiform mustache and a crest that runs along its entire length, along the back. Its horns are similar to those of deer, and covered with a very fine down. He is considered a positive being of great wisdom, so much so that the throne of the Chinese emperor was called the “Throne of the Dragon”, and his face the “Face of the Dragon”. Chinese beliefs also state that at death the emperor flew into the sky in the form of a dragon, and that when a dragon takes flight the pressure of its paws on the clouds causes rain. In fact, the Chinese dragon-king Lung Wang He is considered the one who causes rain. In the ancient era 

 Nordic (800-1300 AD) the eastern dragon had become a real 



According to mythology The dragon eggs, spherical in shape, hatched after three thousand years, and at birth the dragon immediately reached its adult size. Every element of nature possessed its own dragon: the water dragon rained down on the plantations and the golden dragon protected the heavenly treasures. Eastern dragons also had a peculiarity, fingers; In fact, normal dragons had four fingers, while imperial dragons had five and the difference in the number of claws allows you to recognize the Japanese Ryu , which has 3 fingers. Imperial dragons (also called celestial) accompanied the deceased emperors to a large palace, which was located above the clouds, not visible to mortals. According to historians The legend of oriental dragons was born from an emperor who lived at the origins of the world. As a symbol he had a snake; Every time he won a war against a neighboring region he added a piece of the symbol of that region: horns, tiger legs, carp mustache, etc. This dragon carries with him a luminous pearl in which all his powers are said to reside, such as the ability to fly, to change dimensions at will and to communicate with humans, with a voice similar to the rattling of bells.