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Bronzes, silvers and enamels

With the Haitorei, the edict issued in 1876 which forbade the Samurai to carry swords in public, the craftsmen who worked metals found themselves displaced.
Having refined unique technical skills over the centuries, they dedicated themselves to the production of artifacts for daily use and decoration, vases and okimono.
Pure silver, bronze with high percentages of Shakudo gold or Shibuichi silver, and objects covered in cloisonne enamel became true masterpieces of technique and finish in the 19th century with a mix of colours, finishes and patinas that cannot be found in other productions and origins.
The best known manufacturers are Miyao Company founded by Miyao Eisuke for bronzes, enamels and cloisonne Namikawa Yasuyuki, Inaba-Kinunken, Jubei Ando.